Deadly Eyes & Distant Cries

Take a walk in my shoes



One Day

One day you’re here

The next day you’re gone

You come in the night

And leave me by dawn

I see you at lunch

But you walk right on by

And sit down with her

While I wonder why

You waste my time

But I just can’t let go

Why do you lead me on

I just need to know

You always say that

You’ll leave her for good

Then come stay with me

But I don’t think you would

You shouldn’t come any more

I think it’s time to move on

Because one day you’re here

And the next day you’re gone


©KJ Suicide

Haiku #11

I need you with me
loving me with all your heart.
Don’t hurt me again.

30 Days of Haiku

Haiku #10

This life can’t go on.

I think I took a wrong turn.

Now where do I go?


30 Days of Haiku

Paying The Price

He loses sleep at night
Wondering where you are
I can hear his cries for you
You were his shining star

I watch him sitting alone
Playing with his games
Thinking of his dad
And taking all the blame

He thinks you left because of him
He thinks that it’s his fault
Now he shuts me out
His mind locked inside a vault

I try to explain to him
What really happened that night
But he doesn’t want to hear me
All he wants to do is fight

He must have gotten that from us
Because we never talked very nice
We couldn’t stop fighting at all
Now he’s paying the price

I love him with all my heart
And I know that you do too
But we’re destroying him inside
He needs to see what’s true

©KJ Suicide

Haiku #8

The sky cries with me.

Its tears run down my window.

Does it feel my pain?


30 Days of Haiku

Haiku #7

My life is over.
He stole my heart of fire.
My soul followed suit.


30 Days of Haiku

Sometimes You Just Hit Me

Sometimes you just hit me
Like a punch straight to the chest
This is the exact reason
My thoughts are not the best
I keep them to myself
To save them from your jokes
Your words are like the flame
And my visions become the smoke

Haiku #5

He broke this old soul.

I have nothing left to lose.

Who will guard my heart?


30 Days of Haiku

Bad Memory

Everywhere that I go
And anything that I do
Always comes back to haunt me
Because I’m reminded of you
I try to forget what happened
It stays in the back of my mind
All I want to do is move forward
But it’s like I’m stuck on rewind
Memories get crowded together
Whiles yours get pushed to the top
There’s nothing that I can do
But let it play until it will stop
One day I hope to be free
Of all the pain and fear
And all the thoughts of you
That always bring a tear
Waiting for the next chapter
And trying so hard to get there
Wondering if I’ll ever make it
But it may be too hard to repair

©KJ Suicide

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